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Story behind the Beach Fire design

Beach Braves round beach towels Aztec and Crosses blog post

Six years old playing on the beach, the warm sun on my back, sand in my hair and salt on my skin. My little brother and I would find long sticks to draw naughts and crosses games in the sand, the time would slip away with the tide leaving stretches of beach covered in our games.

Fast forward to the first ever Beach Braves photo shoot. We wanted to photograph the towels in a natural, relaxed fashion so we gave the models some background on how the Beach Fire design was conceptualised, and the story of growing up playing games in the sand. 

Next thing you know, a long stick is found, the vibe is fun and a couple of the crew start a game of naughts and crosses right in the middle of the shoot. It couldn't have been more perfect, heaps of laughter, everybody was chill and we got to re-live the memories we could all relate to. 

So there you have it, the story behind the Beach Fire design. Luxurious and stylish with it's inspiration being hand drawn from the raw essence of childhood stoke, found in the imagination of youth. 


Beach Braves


  • mellissa

    I am complete awe of the towels ❤️i brought the dreamcatcher design for a present but will have to get another as i love love the towel really thick towelling not crappy thin like others i have sadly wasted money on🤨 cant wait to buy more for sure👍🏽👍🏽thank you👍🏽#beachbravesrock🤙🏾🤙🏾

  • Maddison Clarke

    My fave design, so stylish and striking with plenty of white space. Received mine this week and love it. Delivered the day after order was placed.

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