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About Us

Beach Braves is an Australian owned beach fashion label.

The brand is defined by the raw essence of bravery to wander, explore and express. The thrilling pulse of the ocean is woven into the fabric of Beach Braves products.

We express individuality and a love of the ocean and we share the positive impact the ocean can bring to all who experience it.

Beach Braves began in 2015 when the founder conceptualised a passion for art, surfing, design and style, into forms that can be taken and displayed proudly. Beach Braves beach towels became an experience of fashionable, high quality pieces with unique points of difference. Each design having it's own story to tell. 

Individually designed or worldwide collaborations with leading artists stretching across the globe, gave rise to some of the most interesting and exciting designs such as, 'Beach Fire' and 'Dream Catcher'. These towels gathered a cult following with people collecting and adding to their collection with each new Beach Braves towel released.

From the shade of a pandanas tree on Burleigh Point, to the moonlight across a beach in Byron Bay, each Beach Braves towel is made with it's customers in mind. Creating an experience that will be with you, for the long stretch of white sandy road.  

Beach Braves towels are made to the highest quality. We guarantee our quality to be thick, heavy and authentic, be aware of imitation products in the marketplace as they are not covered by the Beach Braves quality and guarantee. You are purchasing authentic, Beach Braves products from our own website and our listed Stockists located through out Australia. 

We love to create the towels so you can make the moments and we love it even more when you share those moments with us. Upload your pics for shout-outs and pic re-posts, our social media links are on the homepage and listed below.

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Phone: (07) 3067 8979

Office: Suite 54, 111 Eagle Street, Brisbane QLD 4000